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Skewe Reënboog


Willem is trapped in Rainbow Nation idealism. He lives as a hermit in Santarama Miniland – a abandoned miniature museum of  South Africa’s past glory days. Everyday he follows the same compulsive routine, constructing a massive plastic rainbow and takes care of small architectural replicas including the parliament buildings.


One night, while he is drawing his fifth hundredth rendition of his hero, Madiba, he is attacked by a intruder and knocked unconscious. His rainbow sculpture and Madiba portraits get destroyed.


He decides to go ask Madiba for help and embarks on a sobering journey to the real parliament buildings. After he finds out Madiba has passed away, his demands to see President Zuma gets violently denied and tragedy follows.


‘Crooked Rainbow’ reflects how South Africans allowed themselves to sink into smug Rainbow Nation idealism and how it betrayed opportunities for true reconciliation and transformation.

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